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Monofin Freediver Clinic

Course Purpose
The Monofin Freediver clinic is designed to be an introduction to Monofin swimming and to help the student develop the basic skills, techniques and knowledge necessary to start using the Mono fin efficiently. Students will be introduced to different approaches to freediving with a Mono-fin, exercises designed to work on style and how to design a training program. Advanced techniques will be covered far beyond any current course syllabus. We will use video analysis to help improve stroke. Students do not have to own a mono before the clinic to benefit. All instructors/guest speakers are to be previous UK squad members and/or UK record holders. There will be a minimum of two, hopefully three depending on student numbers to keep ratios low.

Knowledge Development

  • Equipment for use with mono fins for training and how it differs from other freediving equipment, to include short fins, front snorkel and use of a float.
  • Dry training to develop the body for no-fins freediving, warm up and breath up procedures
  • Physiology for mono fin freediving.
  • How to get correct weighting
  • Sources of further information


Dry practical

  • Stretching specifically for mono-fin use
  • Mental preparation for a dynamic
  • Thoracic cage flexibility


Confined Water Session One After this session the student freediver will be able to:

  • Perform a stretching routine suitable for preparing the body for a mono fins freediving session
  • Perform apnea swims using monofins for a maximum distance of 50m, to practice style and technique.

Confined Water Session Two After this session the student freediver will be able to:

    • Keep practicing the monofin style in the pool
    • Design a personal technique drill for further training with the help of the instructor

    Certification: Experience only
    Duration: 1 Day
    Day 1: Knowledge development, dry practical, two pool sessions
    Requirements: Be 18 years of age or older, medical statement and be able to swim at least 100 metres non-stop and 300 metres with mask, snorkel and fins.
    Cost: £95


    Rebecca Coales did a Monofin Freediving Clinic with us in 2013


    Masa the mermaid in Sheffield pool, Apneists UK helping a charity event





    E-mail: Phone: 07940998915

    Freediving, when practised properly, is a very safe sport. However there are risks so always dive with the supervision of a QUALIFIED and competent buddy. Never hold your breath alone, even in water as shallow as your bath. Someone needs to be there who knows exactly what they are looking for and what to do in case of a blackout. A casual observer or even a lifeguard who hasn't been specifically trained in apnea would not be suitable.