Freediving is about being able to explore and enjoy the underwater world in a natural and harmonious way. Man has been diving under water for thousands of years for the purpose of hunting and gathering food. In modern times man has begun to enjoy diving as a recreational activity. Maximum depth/time/distance is a specialty of ours but not our only focus, we just enjoy being in pools in the winter, the sea in the summer and diving in salt free slate Quarries with no tanx all year round. Some are are absolutely crystal clearApnea means breath holding, some groups we have helped with their Apnea are:

  • Snorkellers wanting to improve style and confidence for holidays
  • Techniques to assist Whale Shark tagging / photography
  • SCUBA divers wanting to improve air consumption, confidence and ability to self-rescue and look after students.
  • Surfers wanting to protect against hold downs and long duration underwater stays and increase confidence, energy and improve safety
  • Hunters / Gatherers. Spearfishing and scalloping skills are amongst our specialties
  • Underwater Hockey players
  • Synchronised swimmers

Health benefits from the techniques you learn and practice from this sport are well documented; the bravado associated with press releases about this sport are not what we are about. As much as we are proud of our achievements and list them in order to demonstrate our competence, we produce a club of like-minded people who wish to help the Freediver next to them achieve their personal goals. Most are recreational freedivers. We instill safety values and respect for our peers and ethical considerations when performing. We don't put up with 'strokes' (people with dangerous attitude and mentality). These values mean we have a 100% safety record (as does the sport across the UK to be fair). Our instructors have decades of experience between them! They are all qualified by internationally recognized agencies. Course information can be found here.

More recently freediving has evolved into a competitive sport with hundreds of divers around the world constantly pushing their limits ever deeper. On the competition scene our own members have gone on to set 19 National free diving records across all 8 Freedive disciplines listed below, we have been on the podium for National competitions innumerable times including winning several times and represented the United Kingdom in World Championships for over a decade. Two of our members helped win silver in the World Freediving Championships in Vancouver 2004. We have had UK squad member(s) nearly every year since. We fulfilled the UK Freediving squad Captains role in 2008. We have experienced Freedivers who continue to Freedive and help the group, this is very important.

ApneistsUK effectively make up the Northern contingent; we have divers mainly from North Wales, North East and North West England and have a club in Scotland in our ranks just South of Glasgow, which can be reached from Edinburgh.

We run professional AIDA Freediving courses for those in good health and over 18 years of age. Our initial course is run in the Manchester area, but more recently the Head Freediving Coach Steve Millard has been travelling for decent sized groups wanting to learn. We have our club meets in North Manchester and South Manchester, Stockport, Walkden, Liverpool, Altrincham and other informal sessions too.

We train depth at Capernwray in the lake district and Vivian in Llanberis (North Wales) and Dosthill in Tamworth (Birmingham). Our true home though is Dorothea Quarry  (North Wales); no-where else is deep enough. 

We run trips, and freediving events, throughout the year. One such event is the UK National Pool Championships, and internationally recognised, Great Northern Pool competition.

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Club trips, socials and competitions organised so far 2018

Some of our big trips listed below with video / picture links. We have weekly midweek and weekend diving to local dive sites as well

February 17th / 18th 

Great Northern Dive Show

April 7th / 8th

Merfolk convention

May 21st - May 28th 

Ibiza training week

August 11th 

Farne Islands Seal dives

August 12th 

St Abbs shore diving


Summer party, date tba

October 20th / 21st

Farne Islands seal diving

Some previous trips


Club trip editorial


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Red Sea, depth and recreational reef diving


The 6th Great Northern

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Red Sea

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Basking Sharks Trip


Ibiza, Recreational Freediving


Farnes trip Seal diving


ST Abbs 2016


Gozo trip


Farne Islands

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Red Bull Safety event

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We have over 10 weekly pool sessions, and dive regularly weekends and midweek open water as well as our trips.

Course dates can be found by clicking this sentence, club members are free to join us for days out on those days too.


E-mail: Steve@freedivers.co.uk Phone: 07940998915

Freediving, when practised properly, is a very safe sport. However there are risks so always dive with the supervision of a QUALIFIED and competent buddy. Never hold your breath alone, even in water as shallow as your bath. Someone needs to be there who knows exactly what they are looking for and what to do in case of a blackout. A casual observer or even a lifeguard who hasn't been specifically trained in apnea would not be suitable.