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PADI Freediver Course

The PADI Freediver Course is the beginner freediving course and the excellent starting point to access the club sessions for both pool and open water that we have on offer. It is suitable for outright beginners, and those with SCUBA or swimming backgrounds. It is equivalent to an AIDA 2*. The PADI Freediver takes two days and some home study, conducted online before you join us.  You need to be 16 years of age, complete a self declaration medical form and either have no medical issues, or be signed off by a Doctor, and have basic swimming skills to 200m none stop.

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The starting point is online Study. You learn about different types of Freediving, equipment, basic physiology, Freediving Safety, Breathing Techniques, and Freediving Skills. We can then review this on the evening, and do some of our own theory with you too.


The next step is the pool. We will work on Static Apnea, lying face down holding your breath, and Dynamic Apnea, which is distance horizontally. You will be surprised what can be achieved in a short space in time.  We can also look at duck dives in these sessions if the pool is deep enough.


We will take you through two sessions in Open water.  You will learn to dive deeper and stay down longer, as well as learn how to safety. Skills include: Equalisation – helping you learn to equalise the pressure in your ears, sinuses and mask as you descend. We cover the disciplines of Free Immersion, learning to pull yourself progressively deeper down the line and Constant Weight, duck diving and finning down a line to extend your depth and improve your technique. You will also learn safety techniques, rescues and buddying skills.


The price of the PADI Freediver Course is £275.  Our course price excludes entry fees, but includes training materials, certification fees, and loan of all equipment

After the course, you should have enough knowledge and experience to train in similar conditions to around 16m with a qualified buddy. Once you’ve completed the course, you can join the Apneists UK club and extend your performances.  


We start by doing theory, either online initially or straight into the classroom. We then go to the swimming pool where we cover Static and Dynamic Apnea and cover how to safety each other and rescues so that you can start to dive in our established club structure. Even the most experienced swimmers, snorkellers and scuba divers are surprised how much they learn in this entry level course, it's not just about holding your breath!

Certification:PADI Freediver. Allows you to dive with the club in the pool and open water environment.
Duration: 2 Days

Day 1: Knowledge development, Static Apnea and Dynamic Apnea

Day 2: Open water, constant weight and free immersion

Price: £275
Equipment: Included in the price
Requirements: Be 18 years of age or older, medical statement and be able to swim at least 200 metres non-stop and 300 metres with mask, snorkel and fins.

PADI Freediver Payment options
PADI Freediver Payment options



Upcoming Dates

Course dates:


AIDA 2* Courses

May 17th - 5.00pm - 8.30pm (Evening) Open water (Lake District)
May 19th / 26th - 6.00pm - 9.30pm Pool and theory (York)
May 20th - 10.00am - 5.00pm Pool and theory (Manchester)
May 21st - 10.00am -3.00pm Open water (Lake District)
May 24th - 5.00pm - 8.30pm (Evening) Open water (Lake District)
May 27th - 10.00am - 3.00pm Open water (Lake District)
May 28th - 10.00am -3.00pm Open water (Lake District)
June 17th - 10.00am -3.00pm Open water (Lake District)
June 18th - 10.00am -3.00pm Open water (Lake District)
June 24th - 10.00am - 5.00pm Pool and theory (Manchester)
June 25th - 10.00am -3.00pm Open water (Lake District)
July 15th - 10.00am - 5.00pm Pool and theory (Manchester)
July 16th - 10.00am -3.00pm Open water (Lake District)
August 19th - 10.00am - 5.00pm Pool and theory (Manchester)
August 20th - 10.00am -3.00pm Open water (Lake District)




We have over 10 weekly pool sessions, and dive regularly weekends and midweek open water as well as our trips.


Medical form here: AIDA Medical form


Liability form here: AIDA Liability form




E-mail: Phone: 07940998915

Freediving, when practised properly, is a very safe sport. However there are risks so always dive with the supervision of a QUALIFIED and competent buddy. Never hold your breath alone, even in water as shallow as your bath. Someone needs to be there who knows exactly what they are looking for and what to do in case of a blackout. A casual observer or even a lifeguard who hasn't been specifically trained in apnea would not be suitable.