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At Apneists UK we have a great history of training mermaids, and we believe we have found the perfect way to do it. There are different aspects to mermaiding, some of it recreational swimming pools for parties, there are the aquarium shows, open water photo shoots for fun and commercials, and each different facet requires different levels of training. We have set up a branch of our main group and aptly named it ‘Performance mermaids’ It describes the obvious fact that many of our mermaids have performed at shows and aquariums, but also the quality many of them have demonstrated in Mono fin competitions which we can describe later.

Nowadays pretty much all of the pools, aquariums and open water sites require some proof of ability when using the Mono fin. This shows a good safe mentality as in the wrong hands it can be dangerous to use as it isn’t like regular swimming. So we have also tied in the mermaid course to offer Internationally recognised qualifications at each step, as well as the club recognised performance mermaid qualifications. Step one and two will allow you to access cub training and meets/trips. The other steps are optional, and developmental but will make you the real deal.


 Mermaids in paradise

Step one

The most important start for any in water breath hold activity is safety and technique so we start from the beginning with the AIDA 2 pool Freediver course as the bench mark. The AIDA 2 covers an understanding of physiology and use of Freediving equipment. It teaches safety, how to dive safely with a buddy, and how to look after other freedivers and what to do in an emergency. You will develop breath hold skills, one of the biggest perceived problems most people have on entry to a Freediving course is they can’t hold their breath, but that is what we teach you!

You will learn how to weight yourself to be neutrally buoyant and do distance swims underwater. The course is around 4 hours theory, and 4 hours pool time, on successful completion you will become an AIDA 2 pool freediver

AIDA 2 pool course

Price £125


Step two

Next step is use of the Mono fin as a tool and get used to the tail. We start by doing some theory and videos to explain what it is you need to do to use it safely and efficiently, then we very quickly get into the pool and practice using it. We give you drills to practice, work on technique and develop your Mono fin style. We can let you then use the mermaid outfit and fins and practice your new found skills. We can start to look at basic moves and postures and how to get ready for photo shoots. This is the Mono fin for mermaids taster session. You will then be a performance mermaid beginner level and be able to join us on regular pool meets and join the fun.

Mono fin for mermaids taster session – Beginner performance mermaid.

Price £125



Step three

The next step is to add some depth to the equation for the aquariums and deep pools we use. Equalisation of the air spaces, additional safety information and rescues from depth are included in this course. We can do one deep pool, or open water session to complete the Freediving skills required for this, aiming to get you to around 6 metres deep (most aquariums in the UK are around 3 – 3.5m deep we have dived in). You will then be qualified as an AIDA 1 Freediver.

AIDA 1 Freediver

(If going from AIDA 2 pool to AIDA 2 open water this course is included and not charged extra for)


Step four


We then do a second mermaid pool session covering mermaid skills, choreography, movement underwater and develop a higher level of skill and comfort than the beginner course. This is the Intermediate Performance mermaid qualification.

Intermediate mermaid course

Price on application


Step five


This completes the AIDA 2 in open water down to a depth of 16 metres, This course is designed to be an introduction to freediving for the complete beginner or improvers. It aims to help the student to develop basic skills, knowledge and safety procedures necessary to enjoy freediving safely within the limits of their experience. This course is not aimed towards competitive freediving but for recreational freediving only. It will take the diver down to between 14 metres and 20 metres depending on the time of year and the students needs.

You are elligible to join the AIDA 2* Open Water section after having done the AIDA 2* pool and theory. The Open water section of the course is run over two days in Open Water. Many Instructors are teaching this part of the course in one day as this is a minimum standard. I believe the student is better served in Open Water over two days. However, if you require to finish over one weekend that is possible. If you do not pass the course I always offer at least one additional days training, at no extra cost before we start charging extra, or offer the AIDA 1* Freediver qualification to get you onto the ladder. So to clarify, if you do the AIDA 2* course and do not complete in the required minimum two days, or the recommended three days, I will give you a fourth day free before we start charging any extra.


AIDA 2 Open water

Price £150


Step 6


The final step is the Advanced Performance mermaid course we do advanced choreography and finish the job we started and make you a complete mermaid. We ask all of the mermaids we use for the official paid shows we do to be this level, and believe it is a bench mark standard to aspire to and has been recognised by those who we have worked with to be exceptional. Companies like Sea life, and the Blue Planet. Charity events for the St Abbs lifeboat station and MacMillan, and shows at places like the Great Northern Dive Show at event city Manchester.


Advanced mermaid course

Price on application




As a company we are always committed to supporting the whole industry develop. In 2017 we were involved in the teaching aspect of #merpod1 with Grace Page in the first UK mercamp of its kind, we were sponsors of the merconvention run by Jessica Pennington, we are Official partners with tail makers merthology creations and will continue to develop new ideas, maintain quality and support the whole industry. Onwards and upwards. See you in the blue J






Most of what we do as a club is purely for fun and recreation. A recent trip to the Red Sea can be seen on this video below:





Masa the mermaid in Sheffield pool, Apneists UK helping a charity event





It is difficult to tell who is offering a decent level of training by looking at a website, but we do have a tradition at Apneists UK for training mermaids. Going back many years now, our original mermaid Mandy Buckley joined the club and improved her skills and became UK Mono Fin Record holder some years back. A tradition we have kept up with Rebecca Coales also getting National records through the club. There are a couple of videos below showing good female mono fin divers who have come through the club and gone on to do well in competitions. All of the pictures and videos on this page are club members and students through our system of training. If you have any queries please feel free to contact us at thanks.


Hope to see you at a meet soon









Rebecca Coales did a Monofin Freediving Clinic with us in 2013, UK record holder 2014





Alice Hickson, Josh Walton, Jason Kirkpatrick and Camilla Argent on a recent No-Fins and Mono clinic

First course would be the AIDA 2* Pool Freediver, you can book via the beginners page here:

AIDA 2* Course:




Check the quality of the students to see the quality of the coach.



E-mail: Phone: 07940998915

Freediving, when practised properly, is a very safe sport. However there are risks so always dive with the supervision of a QUALIFIED and competent buddy. Never hold your breath alone, even in water as shallow as your bath. Someone needs to be there who knows exactly what they are looking for and what to do in case of a blackout. A casual observer or even a lifeguard who hasn't been specifically trained in apnea would not be suitable.